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This site may store or retrieve information from the browser, especially in the form of cookies. This information may include the user, his/her preferences or Internet access device (computer, tablet or mobile phone) and is mainly used to bring the way the website works into line with the user's expectations by offering a more customised browsing experience and saving the choices made previously.
Below you can learn more about the various ways in which we use cookies. If you wish, you can prevent some or all of the cookies being saved. However, in this case, the use of the website and the services it offers may be jeopardized.


Essential cookies

These cookies are required to allow the website to function properly; they allow you to browse the pages and without these cookies, we would not be able to provide the services required by users of the website.


Performance cookies

These cookies allow us to know how visitors use the site, so that we can evaluate and improve the way it works. For example, it tells us which web pages are visited the most and least frequently. They keep count, among other things, of the number of visitors, the time users spend on the site and the way they gained access to it. This allows us to know what works well and what needs to be improved, and also to make sure that the web pages are loaded quickly and displayed correctly.
All information collected by these cookies is anonymous and separate from the user's personal data. We use third-party services to perform these functions.


Functional cookies

These cookies allow us to offer advanced functions, as well as additional information and personal functions. This includes the ability to watch videos, provide information and allow users to share content via social media.
These services are mainly provided by external providers. If you have an account, or if you use the services of such entities on other web sites, they may be able to find out that you have visited our web sites. The use of data collected by these external operators through cookies is subject to their respective privacy policies and therefore such cookies are identified with the names of the respective entities.


Cookies for ad targeting

This site may use third-party cookies to publish ads defined in accordance with users' interests. These cookies allow ads to be displayed based on the user and his/her respective interests. They are also used to limit the number of views of an ad and to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
They are placed by our advertising network partners and contribute towards our investment in web sites, allowing us to maintain the lowest possible rates. They can also be used to show users relevant ads on other websites they have visited.




Cookie waiver

If you are concerned about the use of cookies, you can intervene and prevent them from being set up, for example by changing the browser settings to block certain types of cookies.
For detailed information on the required procedure, you can refer to the help section in your browser. Advertising companies also allow you to waive the possibility of receiving targeted ads, if desired. This does not prevent cookies being set up, but interrupts the use and collection of certain data by these companies.